Posted by: bioprint1 | October 30, 2012

The Benefits of Bioprinting

From our previous blog post, you can tell that printing organs is one of the most exciting scientific advances of our time. The only problem is that the technology doesn’t get enough credit for the potential that it has. There are countless benefits to being able to print organs and tissue.

However, it is an unfortunate truth that on average, seventeen people in North America die every day due to the lack of organ donations. There are currently a hundred thousand people waiting for organ transplants, and there are simply not enough donors to meet the demand.

With bio printing, thousands of lives can be saved worldwide. If organs could be printed, only the positive aspects of organ donations would remain, as it is not necessary for a life to be lost in order to save another one. 3D printing is arguably one of the most important inventions of the 20th century.

With our current technology, it would take around 10 days to print a liver. As technology improves, it is estimated that scientists could print a liver in three hours. That’s great news for the thousands of people who are waiting for an organ transplant to save their life.

The creation of organs through 3D printing has another less mentioned function as well. If we could test drugs on functional printed human organs, for example a liver, this could save millions of dollars and greatly reduce the time taken to develop and test new drugs on animals before it is even considered for human testing. It would also be very beneficial for human volunteers because they would not have to be tested on directly, limiting the chance of suffering from side effects of the drugs being tested, while still being paid for providing their cells as a basis for a new organ to be printed and used.

The future of bio printing is very promising, and it has the potential to have a major impact on the medical field in the future.

– Sincerely BP


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